Pristine Bib Tap Long Body Brass Faucet

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 Bib Cock Long Body Brass Faucet from its Pristine collection with 10 Years Warranty is ideal for any Wall Mount Installation as its elegant long body allows extended flow making it perfect for any kind of washing area.

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Material & Finish 

  • Bathroom Taps are cast with solid lead-free Brass Ingot for maximum durability. 
  • Comes with glossy, highly-reflective Chrome Finish- 3 layer surface protection (Copper, 10 Micron Nickle & 0.3 Micron Chromium).
  • Handle/lever is manufactured in zinc/white metal with anti-corrosion & rust proof qualities.

Application Area 

  • Long Body Bib taps are designed for wall mount installation- Can be installed in bathrooms, washing areas, gardens.
  • Long body enables an extended flow.
  • Available in multiple stylish designs to suit any décor


  • Faucet Handle/Lever enabled with the quarter-turn operation.
  • Premium Ceramic Cartridges are tested for more than 500000 operations.
  • The high thickness of the ceramic disc provides smooth movement and can withstand high pressure of water flow.


  • German Foam Flow Technology - Faucets have Areators that are made of food-grade plastic and designed to work at extreme temperatures. These are attached in the faucet outlets that add air to the flowing water.
  • Foam Flow aerator effectively filters impuritiesreduces noise of flowing water & makes water feel soft on the skin.
  • Water saving design- Highly efficient aerator conserves 20% more water without sacrificing performance.
  • Core Shooter Technology- Uniform wall thickness of the water tap gives an uninterrupted water flow.


  • Easy to maintain- Clean with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaning detergents.
  • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging 
  • 100% Made in India Brass Faucet
  • 10 years Warranty 

Accessories Included

  • Flange

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