Lux Brass Health Faucet with Braided 1 Meter Flexible Hose

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Upgrade your hygiene with the Lux Brass Health Faucet featuring a 1-meter braided hose for ultimate flexibility and durability. Shop now for a cleaner routine! Lux Health Faucet Set for Bathroom is a premium quality personal hygiene device that comes with a holder/hook, a 304-grade Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pipe/tube (1mt), and a year warranty. Contact us to shop now from Avadh Vihar, Kirari Nangloi, Delhi, Delhi-110086


  • The faucet Gun is manufactured in premium Brass Ingot.
  • Hook/Holder is manufactured in sturdy ABS material.
  • Flexible Shower Tube is manufactured in 304-grade Stainless Steel.
  • Finished with hard chrome plating that gives it a glossy finish and complements the overall aesthetics of every bathroom.
  • Brass Faucet Gun, ABS Holder and Hose are resistant to oxidation and corrosion.


  • Usually installed near toilet seat areas as a hygienic sprayer, these health faucets have a versatile utility
  • Health Faucets works as a cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, baby bathing shower.
  • Ideal for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, postpartum, or injuries, ideal for elderly adults.
  • Perfect for feminine hygiene, particularly during pregnancy and menstrual cycles


  • The health faucet head has evenly spread holes for a concentrated flow.
  • The Shower tube or pipe is flexible allowing you convenience while using the faucet gun.
  • The faucet shower head has a trigger/lever that is smooth and easy to operate, a slight pressure from the thumb is enough to start the flow.
  • The pressure of the water is adjustable depending on how far down you press the lever/trigger
  • The high pressure of water when the trigger is completely pressed, is unmatchable, and automatically stops when you release the pressure.
  • The Hook is sturdy and can hold the weight of the tube and the shower head, gives your toilet area an organised look.
  • The inner part of the hose is made from high-grade EPDM, reinforced with high density nylon braiding, that prevents avoid leakage problems and withstands high pressure of water.
  • Simple manual installation.


  • Faucets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard saving water without compromising performance.
  • Bidet spray can greatly reduce paper use for hygienic and environment preservation purposes.
  • Hassle-free maintenance. Use a cloth to clean. Do not use any harsh chemicals or strong detergents. 
  • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging.
  • Health Faucet Set for Toilets are 100% Made in India.
  • One year Warranty 


  • Health Faucet
  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel Flexible Shower Tube (1meter)
  • Shower Hook
  • 2 Screws
  • 2 PVC Dowels (Gitti)

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